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 You can find the following from us:


- The best course on how to learn to make the piadina.


- All the machinery necessary (from producers and not product representatives)


-The internal planning


All the things necessary for all your produts, conservation of products, choices of best product producers in your area.

We won't be asking :

You can learn making piadina from us without any obligation, guaranteed by Marina!

After the course is done, we are always available to assist any problems! We will not abandon you.

After each course we will be giving you a cerificate of participation.

We are will help you start your business here in italy or abroad.

Opening of businesses will start some days before the inauguration, directly in your business place.

Do you want to receive directly in your business our specialized products or piadine ready to serve? We also do this.

Do you want a business plan model to understand if your venue has the potential to for financing? We do this also.

Guaranteed Marina!